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At 2nd Tier Publishing, we honor the vision of our authors. We place ourselves at the service of your vision.

The book publishing model is rapidly changing. With today's technology and resources, the possibilities for you to get your book published are wide open! With the right design and layout, you can have a beautiful, professional product on the shelf. Your manuscript is transformed into a book, and is published with ease in our co-creative publishing model. We collaborate closely with you to create a presentation that is in harmony with, and transmits both the content and the feel of the manuscripts we receive.

We pride ourselves in our professional and visually beautiful custom design. 2nd Tier Publishing offers typesetting, layout, graphics, and design. If needed, we have a team of professional editors and illustrators to bring your book to life. We understand that it can be challenging to tackle all aspects of your creative project yourself. That's where we come in! We are happy to assist you. We provide the technical and graphic support for your ideas and your dreams. It is an honor for us to help you get through the labor pains, coach you through the process, and midwife the birth of your creative vision!

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Intimacy With Trees Project

Inspired by messages from a tree on Shiila’s Vision Quest, the Intimacy with Trees project is an in-house project of 2nd Tier Publishing.